Our target group is from the most backward and migrant workers’ families from the neighboring states, most of the families living here are very poor. Women are engaged in quarry work; stone crushing units, construction work, vegetable vending, rag picking while some of them are in garment making units.

These people belong to a marginalized group and are exploited by the quarry contractors and owners of the stone crushing units. Most of them live in unhygienic and unhealthy surroundings close to their work place and do not have proper housing, except a makeshift tent, where the women are not safe. Some of them are affected by the social evils like desertion by husbands, as well as divorce. There are also widows with children.

Though there are laws in the garment making units which assure minimum wages, the women working here, as well as in stone quarries and stone crushing units, undergo untold miseries and exploitation during their work, sometimes even sexual exploitation.

The main focus of or mission is to “reach out the poor & needy and to work for betterment of their future”

The components of this orphanage:

  • Education to these deserving children.

  • Three time food plus evening snacks.

  • Vocational care.

  • Evening tuition classes for better educational standards.

  • Health care education and personal hygiene practices.

  • Holistic Child Development.

  • Creating awareness on social status; realizing self respect, we-feeling and brotherhood and dignity of labor through teachings and practical methods