Providing support for Government schools to foster quality education.



Providing support for Government schools to foster quality education.

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Become part of a passionate and diverse community of like-minded individuals.

About Us

What We Do?

Seva Bharat is a beacon of hope dedicated to uplifting those facing adversity and ensuring that no one is left behind. Through a diverse range of programs and initiatives, we strive to empower and uplift those facing challenges, offering a helping hand where it's needed the most.

We believe in the transformative power of service and that lead us to the concept of taking one day out of the month for seva. Encouraging everyone to take one day out of the month to give back to the country and help those in need.

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Our Strategy

How we work to make a difference

Flavored Milk Distribution

Seva Bharat's latest flavored milk donation initiative provides a nutritious and delicious improve the children' daily diets, enhancing their health and well-being at Government School.

Food Distribution Programs

Implementing food distribution programs in areas with high poverty rates, providing essential food items or meal packages to those in need.

Educational support

Building schools and educational initiatives, providing access to quality education for underserved communities.

Health care initiatives

Offering medical camps, vaccinations, access to healthcare facilities, and awareness campaigns on health-related issues like hygiene and sanitation

Refugee Support Programs

Assistance to refugees and displaced populations by offering shelter, food, healthcare, education, and legal aid to help them rebuild their lives.

Shelter for the homeless

Provide shelter for the homeless and mentally retarded. A safe place for them to rest and support individuals in improving their overall well-being.

Initiatives for Change

Support a cause, be the torchbearer for change

Our Journey till now


Flavored milk bottles monthly


Flavored milk bottles distributed yearly


Inmates got permanent residence


Reunited with their families

How We Help

"Together We Serve and Together We Build a Stronger Society"

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Become a part of Seva Bharat's vibrant community dedicated to creating meaningful change. Whether you're an advocate for education or social service we welcome everyone committed to making a difference.

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Our Events

Join hands with us to shape a brighter tomorrow at our upcoming impactful events



Organized By : Seva Bharat

Feeding the Future: Mr.Ramulu and Mrs.Bindu's Food Donation Drive at Puligilla High School

On March 13th, 2024, Mr. Kanchi Ramulu, Mrs. Bindu, and son Ram Charan Tej, with the Support and Collaboration of Seva Bharat, is organizing a one-day food donation at Puligilla ZPHS High School, Puligilla Village, providing nutritious meals for students, honoring their hometown, and benefiting the school where Mr. Ramulu studied.



Organized By : Seva Bharat

Seva Bharat's Food Program at Puligilla High School

On February 20, 2024, Seva Bharat's School Lunch Program is providing healthy lunch to 106 students at Puligilla High School, enhancing both health and education



Organized By : Seva Bharat

Improving lives through a donation of flavored milk at Raigiri Government School

Seva Bharath provided 6,750 bottles of flavored milk at Raigiri High School



Organized By : Seva Bharat

Donate Flavored Milk For Puligilla Government High School Students

A program to provide 27,560 bottles of flavoured milk to Puligilla high school annually, benefiting 106 students