Frequently Asked Questions

A tax exemption is the right to have some or all of one's income exempt from country's taxation. The majority of taxpayers are eligible for a number of exemptions that can be used to lower their taxable income, while some people and organizations are fully free from paying taxes.

The deduction under section 80G can be claimed on the amount donated to eligible institutions or funds. The deduction can be claimed up to a maximum of 50% or 100% of the donated amount, depending on the institution or fund to which the donation has been made.

Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act allows a tax deduction for contributions to certain relief funds and charitable institutions. Thus, you can claim tax deductions in Section 80G apart from Section 80C and save maximum taxes.

Donations above ₹500 to Seva Bharat will be eligible for a 50% deduction from one’s taxable income under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

A minimum of ₹500 needs to be donated to avail tax exemption under IT sec 80G. However, cash donations above ₹2,000 are not applicable for 80G certificates.

The maximum limit for deduction depends on the category of donation. In some cases, the maximum limit for the deduction is not set; while in some others, 80G deductions can be claimed up to a limit of 10% of the adjusted gross total income of the donor.

Yes, you can expect your receipts within 10 days of making the donation.

No tax benefit for cash donations exceeding Rs 2000 shall be allowed to the taxpayer.

We generate the tax certificate within a week from the date of making the online contribution. Including the courier process, it takes 10 days for the tax exemption certificate to reach you. If you contribute offline, it takes 15 to 20 days.

We may not be able to provide you with a duplicate receipt. But we can send you the Income Tax exemption certificate copy.

Yes, NRI can claim tax deduction for donations made to Indian NGO u/s 80G.

To claim your deduction under Section 80G, it is crucial to have the donation receipt and the donation certificate in Form 10BE readily available. During the ITR filing process, you will need to provide the details mentioned in the donation receipt and donation certificate, so ensure that you have it handy.

Yes, you can claim a deduction under Section 80G through your employer. For that, you will need a certificate from your employer stating that such a donation has been made from your salary.

We do not accept in-kind donations but you can volunteer to help with our operations or sponsor equipment used to serve hygienic and nourishing meals to the beneficiaries.

You can claim tax deductions on the donations made to an NGO provided the NGO is registered under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 Through your donations, we can provide essential resources such as food, clean water, clothing, and shelter to those who would otherwise go without. These basic necessities form the building blocks of a dignified life.

When you donate to Seva Bharat, the benefit can be availed by reducing 50% of the donated amount from your taxable salary. For instance, if your taxable income per year is ₹200,000 and you make a donation of ₹5,000, then your net taxable income will become ₹197,500 (i.e. ₹200,000 – 50% of your donation). Your tax will now be calculated on this reduced taxable income based on the prevailing tax rates.

Donations above Rs 2,000 should be made in any mode other than cash to qualify under Section 80G. The various donations specified in Section 80G are eligible for a deduction of up to 100% or 50% with or without restriction, as provided in Section 80G.